About the Redhead

This is my blog of weekly musings, including my take of the current events that affect my home state of Iowa, as well as my nation, the United States. Most these articles were originally published in a small town local paper in Iowa as op-ed pieces. These thoughts are my own, although you may find that they are shared by many of my fellow citizens, many of whom are far better writers than I.

Although I am registered with a party, I do so mainly so I can vote in a primary. As an informed citizen, I want as much input as possible over who will be our next leaders. I always vote with my conscience and never just with a party. I do not see any of my fellow Americans as my enemy – my only enemies are those that seek to destroy who we are – whether from within or from without. Some of my fellow Americans are only misguided, but when push comes to shove, I believe that most love this country, and I would fight alongside any of them, any day, to defend this great nation.

My blog is intended to challenge those who love this country to speak up without fear against those that would try to destroy that which all Americans hold dear: freedom, hard work, and the exceptionalism of who and what we are.

Like many others, I am just an ordinary American. A redheaded, red-blooded, American. But I have found my voice and I know that I am not alone. I will not back down and I will not give up. I will always stand for truth. I do not fear it, as the truth will always win out, even if I am not there to witness it.

Take this blog as one of many warnings we citizens are giving to those in power: we are watching, we are voting, and we are coming.

We are smarter than you think, we are more powerful than you know, and we do not fear you. We will not allow you to divide this country any longer.

I am not racist.

I am not violent.

I am just silent no more.