on Housecleaning

This weekend I finally had a chance to get some much needed housecleaning chores done. With the 2014 election over, and the 2016 Presidential dog and pony show not yet begun, I have more free time to conquer the multiplying dust bunnies that are doing battle across my hardwood floors. Yes, my house is at that point where it will take more than just a sweeping glance and a feather duster to hold these at bay. My inattention has created a much bigger job for me now, such that not only will I need to roll up my sleeves, but I’ll probably have to get them dirty as well.

Last week we gave our government its own kind of housecleaning, sweeping away most of the Democrats in what is being called a Republican rout. While some may say this was a referendum on Obama as President, I don’t think that is entirely it. I think this was more a referendum on the progressive model of governance, as Americans finally recognized it for the mess it was. The progressive model mostly lost on Tuesday, while the conservative model won. All across the nation, even in the bluest of states, Democrats were swept out of power, both locally and nationally, as Americans repudiated their model of big government, open borders, amnesty, redistribution of wealth, undermining of religious liberty, gun control, high taxes, stifling regulation, and Obamacare. Try as they might, Americans weren’t buying what the jackass party was selling; no one really believes anymore (if ever) that Republicans are racist woman-haters.  One only needs to look to Mia Love (UT), Rick Scott (FL) and Joni Ernst (IA). That tired, divisive drum beat rose to the level of ridiculous, and Americans saw through the pathetic razzle-dazzle.

That being said, the housecleaning is far from over. As I mentioned earlier, not consistently staying on top of house work merely makes it harder to do later when you finally get around to it. Just because we repudiated the progressive agenda with this election does not mean that the existing and newly elected pols won’t get lazy and ride the compromise couch when it comes to cleaning up D.C. Housecleaning is hard work, and if there is one thing politicians don’t like, it is hard work. Our federal government is long past the point of a superficial dust mop sweep; it’s now at the point where we need to roll up our sleeves and accept the sweat and dirt that comes along with the effort of fixing broken things. Folks, we don’t just need statesmen; we need actively engaged citizens.

There will always be stuff that distract us from the chores of life. There will always be things to do that are a lot more fun and a lot less exhausting (or frustrating). However, there are some chores that are necessary in order to live well and to live free. One of these is the necessary chore of civic engagement. As Americans we cannot ignore our politicians like we can the dust bunnies in the corner. The bad ones need the occasional reminder that we hold the dust mop, and the good ones (i.e. the statesmen) need the occasional polishing of encouragement for a job well done. How can we hope to keep our house in order otherwise?

“Cleanliness is very important. If you let kids make a total mess in the kitchen and then leave, you’re not really teaching them anything.” ~ Emeril Lagasse (b. 1959), celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author

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