on Caucuses 2014

On Tuesday January 21st, Iowans across the state will gather at their local precincts to participate in the Caucuses. This is the precursor to not only choosing potential candidates for the various offices open for elections in November, but to also have a say in our party’s platform, i.e. what we believe in and stand for as a party. Attendees submit what are called “party planks”, those topics we want our potential candidates to stand for as well. Here are a few ideas:

Health: Full repeal of Obamacare in order to protect the jobs, the finances, the medical security, and the freedom of healthcare and doctor choice for all Americans


  • Full state withdrawal from the untested, but still mandatory, Common Core standards (and the coming future assessments). This will not only save millions of taxpayer money, but will return local control back to our school districts, school boards, teachers and parents instead being in the hands of the unaccountable third parties who created these poor standards in 2010
  • Permanent dismantling of all state SLDS systems (data mining), and a return to nothing more than simple aggregate academic reporting on our schools to only the state education authorities, in order to preserve both the current and future privacy of our students and their families
  • Allow accreditation of a school, both public and private, by entities other than the Iowa State Board of Education. This will allow schools to ensure that they are certified by entities that best align with their education priorities as well as prevent government from using the threat of the loss of accreditation (as they are now doing with Common Core) to force our schools to do things they don’t want to do
  • Expand open enrollment to include both private and vocational schools. This will give full parental choice and control over their own education tax dollars in order to choose the best form of education for their child
  • Dismantle the US Department of Education and shift their duties to the individual states in order to protect local control over education


  • Repeal of the parts of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that allows the military, at the request of the President, to incarcerate American citizens, on American soil, without probable cause, warrant or trial
  • A cease and desist on the NSA, as well as any government law enforcement agency, on the data collection on every American without a warrant
  • Dismantle the TSA and return to intelligence gathering instead of using methods that not only don’t work, can be circumvented, and are unequally applied, but rest solely on a presumption of guilt first
  • Term limits for all elected officials in Congress to ensure greater loyalty to liberty instead of power


  • Enforce the laws already on the books and build a border fence
  • No amnesty, as it rewards the lawbreaker and penalizes both the law abiding immigrant and current citizens
  • Increase penalties to businesses that hire illegal workers over American workers or legal immigrants
  • Close the Child Tax Credit loophole that allows millions in taxpayer money to be given as “refunds” to the children of illegal immigrants without any proof of citizenship or residency
  • No longer allow automatic American citizenship (or any of the benefits that come along with it) to children born here of illegal immigrants. Their citizenship will remain with the same foreign home country of their parents, as it would have been had they never entered our country illegally. If the child or the parents ever desire to become American citizens, they can follow the same process as everyone else to become one

Taxes: Eliminate the IRS, repeal the 16th amendment and establish the Fair Tax. This will ensure that all citizens are participating in the financial support of our nation, it will reduce the power of deep pocketed lobbyists, and it will prevent the government from ever again using tax law as a means to control the voices and the lives of the people.

This is where it all starts folks, at the grassroots level. Only when we participate can we affect change that expands liberty and protects our future. Be there on Tuesday, January 21st!

For Republican caucus locations go to: http://www.iowagop.org/2014-caucus-page/ or call 515-282-8105

For Democrat caucus locations go to: http://thecaucuses.org/ or call 515-244-7292

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