on Trust

Chris Wallace: “What right do you think the American people have to know what government is doing?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney: “Well, they get to vote for senior officials, like the President of the United States, like the senior officials in Congress, and you have to have some trust in them.”

** Interview on Fox News Sunday, June 16, 2013

Well, aren’t we just the silly rubes. We have been granted the great privilege of voting for our lords and masters; isn’t that grand? How silly for anyone to want to think for themselves and not just trust these great ones with our care? Are they not filled with far more wisdom that we are? Is not their knowledge more omnipotent? Are they not above all the human temptations, faults and lusts for power that we serfs have to suffer with daily? Oh hail to the Chief! Long live the King! Oh wait… what country am I in again?

Have you figured it out yet that the problem with our government is not just those Democrats who are bent on expansive power, but also with those enabling Republicans who seem to want the same? Both parties in DC seem to have been infected with the same pathogen of arrogant elitism. It infuses their speech, it taints their thinking, and it pollutes every piece of legislation and regulation that comes out of that pit of vipers.

How does it feel, my fellow Americans, to be treated as if we are no better than little children in need of parental care? That you are not fully capable of taking care of yourself without them? That we are too stupid and weak to understand that what they are doing is for our own good? The problem with that analogy is that our government is not a good parent. In fact is it’s quite the opposite. It is a parent who is abusive, self-absorbed, and looks after us only enough to ensure that we are able to fund their bad habits (with taxes) and keep us in their custody (with votes). Truth be told, I think that if they were indeed our real parents, Child Protective Services would have removed us from their care long ago.

This is not the type of government that our Founders set up. They did not trust government, seeing it, as Thomas Paine once said, “even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.” The Founders put more trust in the ability of the American people to take care of themselves and set wrongs right. They viewed us as adult human beings with value and worth. They remember what it was like to be treated like serfs, beholden to a faraway king who also did things “for our own good”, when in truth it was only for his. Under our Constitution, we are sovereign; we the people rule. Why? Because government by its very nature is untrustworthy: imperfect human beings are required to be in charge of it. Our Founders cautioned us to always be wary of government, because they understood that even honorable people can be poisoned by the venom of lust for power and prestige.

The complacent American people are finally getting a huge reality check; government has proven that it cannot be trusted. The lure of power is just too great for some to resist. For too long we have slumbered, allowing the roots of the corrupt political aristocracy to go very deep and very wide. This is why so many like myself feel that we must no longer give an inch. The line must finally be drawn; accountability must be demanded even in the small things so as to prevent the further entrenchment of unconstitutional power. Our elected servants now have the attitudes of kings, demanding that we trust them based on their elected title, instead of their virtuous deeds. But trust is not something that can be given, passed on by birth or elected by majority vote. It is something that must be earned. Always. And repeatedly.

After all, even the devil himself was once an angel too, right?

“Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with government of himself.  Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others?  Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?  Let history answer this question.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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