on Foxes

“When the fox preaches, look to the geese”. ~ Romanian Proverb

Well it has been a busy week for the Obama Administration. As the facts about Benghazi are now beginning to come out, we are also learning that issues with the State Department seem to be only the tip of the iceberg with this corrupt administration. Americans are discovering that the arrogance of power has infused itself into the entire executive branch. No longer do they stand guard as the protectors of this nation; they have become no better than destructive foxes, and foxes in charge of the henhouse no less. Our Presidency is very quickly turning into a dangerous cliché of corruption.

The American public is now receiving confirmation of what they have long suspected: that the IRS has been used as a political bullying arm in order to silence political dissent. Their “enemies list” seems to be growing even more noxious every day: Tea Party organizations, conservative groups, religious organizations (like Samaritan’s Purse), pro-constitution education organizations, and organizations for voting integrity (like True the Vote). The IRS asked questions about their donors’ private information, personal director information, copies of emails, Facebook posts, website login credentials, even the contents of their prayers. Not only that, the private tax information of these targeted groups was actually leaked by the IRS to other groups that opposed them, and individual donors to these conservative groups were also targeted for additional personal tax scrutiny. It should be noted that no such scrutiny was given to liberal/progressive organizations or their donors. And when pressed as to why, the IRS continued to be caught in lie after lie.

And then another blow hit: the secret subpoena by the US Department of Justice to the phone companies for all of the call records for the Associated Press for the last two months. The reason given was one of national security: someone had leaked information to the AP and the DOJ wanted to discover who it was. Not only was this a clear violation of the First Amendment by attempting to silence the press, but no notice of the subpoena was given as required by law, and the records that were requested were for AP employees who were not even involved in the investigation. The DOJ now knows whom all these reporters talked to, be they bureaucrats, elected officials, confidential informants, or whistleblowers. Their actions shocked both sides of the political aisle, as the very thing that is supposed to hold the government accountable, the press, was now the criminal target of the government’s fury.

What we are seeing is the unfolding of big government tyranny. No longer is it are the dangers of big government just a theory; we are now in the reality of the dangers of big government. Barry Goldwater once said, “a government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also strong enough to take it away.” Right now our government is so large and so powerful it can use the force of any its various branches to make the lives of individual citizens both financially and personally very difficult if any dare take a stand against its corruption. This truth is playing out right now, and it should scare us as we stand on the precipice of tyranny.

The fact is that these are only the more recent executive branches that have been exposed as abusers of liberty. The EPA, the FBI, the ATF, and the DHS all have been shown to muscle their political agenda ahead of the lives, liberties and prosperities of the American people. There seems to be a poisonous attitude of aristocratic arrogance within the Executive branch. Rather than protecting the liberty of its citizens, for which our Constitutional government was created, it has morphed into a liberty-destroying leviathan. What individual citizen could possibly have the resources to fight an entity that has unlimited access to public servants as well as the public purse?

But let me tell you something that this current administration just does not understand; liberty never ends up standing alone. Right now individual citizens of all stripes are rising en masse to expose the continual tyrannical overreach of this administration that is endangering the future of all Americans. As a Georgian proverb says, “If you forgive the fox for stealing your chickens, he will take your sheep.” No more second chances, folks. It is too dangerous to continue to believe that they have our best interests at heart. They don’t. And once that trust is gone, any chance for good government is lost.

The foxes need to be thrown out of the henhouse before we lose any more hens. Time to call out the hounds.

“Where there are no hounds the fox is king.” ~ Italian Proverb

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