on Debt, part 2

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to
understanding the problems of running a country”.
 Margaret Thatcher (b. 1925) former Conservative Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Ok, ladies, this article for you. How many of you know  exactly where each penny goes and are still making decisions to go without? How  many of you are telling your children the value of “No, we can’t do that now,  we don’t have the money”?  How many of  you are doing more with less? In 70% of American households, women make the  financial budget decisions – how come we are able to do what all those smart  men in Washington seem unable to do? To us, economy means “making savings,” not  adding revenues.

Unlike Washington, American households are not able to  print more money in order to balance our budgets (interesting that what is  illegal for us is legal for Washington isn’t it?). We have to make do with only  the money that is coming in. However, in this current economy, that is getting  much harder to do. I really don’t have any sympathy at all for those preening  politicians that continue to avoid making tough decisions, like those my fellow  ladies and I do every day.  Instead they willfully  demonize our fellow Americans, strike fear into our seniors, and threaten our  veterans and military. Disgraceful.

Despite all the spending in the past two years,  unemployment has gone up to 9.2% from 7.8%, we have had a net loss of over 2  million jobs, our budget has ballooned almost 30% and our deficit has doubled.  Everything that this President does seems to only exacerbate the problem. For the last two years our country has gone without a  budget because the Democratic majority refused to pass one and even now has no  concrete plan on how to reduce the deficit and debt. This is not only just irresponsible;  it is illegal (and a little immature).   The tax and spend plan does not work. We need a different solution.

The new House freshman Republicans and some House Democrats have offered a different response to the President’s request of  “gimme, gimme”. They don’t want to continue to feed this addiction to fiscal mismanagement. Instead, they want to foster economic growth by reigning in the  gluttony of government under the Cut, Cap & Balance Act of 2011. Under this  bill, they cut spending, cap the amount of future spending, and require the  passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment through Congress before the debt ceiling  would be raised (once the Amendment passed both houses of Congress it goes to  the states for approval). The House realizes, as most Americans do, that the more  money sent to Washington will never get spent to reduce the debt – it only  grows government.  It is time to force  the irresponsible to be responsible.

Before my liberal friends whip out the usual kiddie/senior/veteran human shields, I challenge everyone to think on this: do  we seriously believe that there is NOTHNG that we can cut and only need to increase  taxes to save our economy? Why isn’t $200 billion per month of our money enough for them? Somehow our economy managed to survive prior to then – certainly more  people were employed, and we had a lot less debt. In fact, the Heritage  Foundation has already identified 90 programs that can be reduced or completely  eliminated at a savings of $343 billion annually, and not one American will be affected  (except of course those employed in those positions). Why is no one willing to even do this?

The President has suggested that tax increases are a  necessary option, and would prevent rich people like him from keeping money  they do not need. While we all know now what he does with his extra money (i.e.  nothing), that is not what wealth creators do. Wealth creators either buy  things, creating jobs for those that manufacture those things, or they invest, creating jobs and wealth for others.  We need the economy to grow in order to reduce the deficit, and eventually, the debt. Do we really want to trust the counsel  of our President on how to deal with the debt crisis, a man who has himself  admitted that he only knows how to waste wealth, instead of create it? His  decisions thus far have done nothing but stifle the economy. Higher taxes and increased regulation are forcing businesses to make decisions away from growth, as more profits are sent to Uncle Sam or spent to comply with onerous regulation, instead of creating jobs. The president wants a big, bold plan.  Well, I agree – let’s be big & bold in a direction that Washington has
never gone before: how about a lot of shrinkage?

 “The debt limit is not really the problem here. The problem is the debt.” Marco Rubio (b. 1971), current junior U.S. Senator from Florida

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