On Vision

“The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but no vision” Helen Keller (1880-1968), American author and educator who was both blind and deaf

Last weekend I had to take break from my weekly writing due to a severe injury to my right eye. I will spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that I spent a couple days in both extreme pain and the inability to see out of my right eye temporarily.  As I no longer had any depth perception and had to physically turn my head before I could see anything to one side of me, writing was just too much of a strain to the one good eye I had left. My lack of vision not only affected what I could do, but it also prevented me from doing what I had to do.

The same is true of many of our political leaders today. They are sight impaired in the metaphorical sense, seeking not the greatness of vision the American people have called them to, but instead choose to follow their own short-sightedness of personal power without the people’s input. A recent example of this would be our own Senator Appel, who does not appear comfortable enough even to have a town hall unless she has a backup buddy. Is she a woman of vision? And is that vision one most of her electorate shares? At this point I would dare say no, perhaps even going as far as to say that the vision she has is not even her own, but one impressed upon her by her party leadership. Why do I say this? Because if she had great vision, one that she truly believed in, and one that she knew the people would rally around,  then she would have the strength she needed to stand boldly, fearing neither the electorate nor her party.  However, instead of standing alone in strength as our Senator, she cancels the town halls.  Now tell me, is that the act of a visionary leader or the act of a fearful one?

When I was unable to use my one eye, I found that I could no longer see that which was to one side of me. However, just because I did not see it did not mean that it did not exist. So too is the difference between those who have vision and those who have none. Those without vision do not have the ability to see further than themselves, and sometimes even less than that.  If we entrust our futures to people like this, we risk seeing no more than their limited view. We must have leaders of vision, those who have the ability to look beyond themselves, beyond the temptations of power and money, looking into the future at the greatness that America is and is destined to be. Those without vision are content with mere mediocrity, content to be a peer in the world instead of a leader in the world. Mediocrity is not what we are called to as human beings, and it certainly not what we are called to as a nation. Let those who fear what they cannot see settle for average; those with vision will pass them by, leading their people towards a legacy of greatness!

Our founding fathers had a vision of that greatness – they peered ahead into a future that they knew they would never see, but trusted would happen nonetheless. They knew that we were called by our Creator to live in freedom so that we could be a blessing to others. However, freedom cannot exist in mediocrity, nor can we bless others with something that we do not already have for ourselves. Therefore, we need men and women of vision so that we can continue to be great. We need to continue to be great so that we can continue to bless. And we need to continue to bless so that we can fulfill our divine destiny to be a blessing. 

We are seeking such leaders today; those that are more than just a checklist of the bills they pass, the jobs they create, the money they bring in and the security they provide. We need leaders of vision, not the fearful pretty puppets supporting the ideas (and elite condescension) of a powerful few. Leaders of vision are not puppets, but nor are they the puppet-masters. True leaders are neither, because if the vision they have is great enough, the people themselves will feel enjoined to follow them. A truly great vision does not need force to be followed, but a selfish one does. And trust me, the American people know the difference.

After all, sometimes you just have to believe before you can see.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” Proverbs 29:18, The Holy Bible (KJV)

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