A Help Wanted Sign

Well, I am bit ticked. I received an email on Saturday notifying me of a public hearing on the Government Reorganization bill (SF 2088). It was scheduled today, Monday, between 10 am & Noon in the Supreme Court Chamber, and required that the public call ahead to get on the schedule to speak.  Yep, that’s right, they are having a Public Hearing in the middle of a workday, with less than 24 business hours notice to the Iowa public, less than 2 business hours for the public to sign up to speak, and in a location with little space for the public to attend and observe. So, do you really think they really want public input on this Grand Reshuffle bill? I guess Speaker Murphy does not want a repeat of what happened last April when they held a Public Hearing on that bill to eliminate our federal tax deductibility (which is again rearing its ugly head this year too, by the way – but I digress).

With that in mind, it is time that we, the Iowa taxpayer, put up a Help Wanted sign. It is time that we do a massive re-org of the Legislature, and hire folks that actually do their job.  So… here’s your sign:

WANTED: Employees to fill a vacancy of stewardship

EMPLOYER:  the Iowa voter

POSITIONS AVAILABLE: Senator, Representative, Governor


DUTIES: Balancing the budget, reducing the state debt as well as not taking on new debt, reducing the size of the government, removing entitlement spending so as to reduce your employers’ tax burden, reducing and ultimately eliminating the Iowa state income tax. You will meet with your employers regularly to give reports on the success or failure in the above areas, as well as seek and propose solutions on how to meet the above expectations.  You will also be required to read all bills proposed to address such expectations, and be prepared to give a report and answer questions regarding these at regular meetings with your employer. All such meetings shall be scheduled at least a week in advance, at a time and place convenient to your employer. All bills will be fully legible in common English, will address one subject at a time, will include the full text of any past or present bills that are referenced so your employer can have an easy understanding of your proposal, and all shall be posted online 1 day for each page of the bill (with any associated amendments) so your employer has time to review.

SKILLS REQUIRED: an understanding of basic math, a basic reading level, common sense, and good listening skills. Since all these skill sets will be required in order to fulfill the duties listed above, a test will be administered in order to ensure that the prospective employee has them prior to employment.

OTHER REQUIREMENTS: a keen knowledge of, and a willingness to take an oath to uphold, the Constitution of the United States and the Iowa Constitution. Loyalty to these will take precedence over any party affiliation, business affiliation, family affiliation or oath that may conflict with said documents. Any violation of this Constitutional oath will result in the immediate termination of employment.


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